“Everyone was very helpful, their customer service is always attentive to my needs. The website was easy to navigate, and the products are of premium quality. Superb!”

“It’s difficult looking for flooring for a business. Being able to order samples is a huge help in deciding what will look the best before purchasing a large quantity.”

“I’m just ordering samples right now. Your site is amazing. Fast and efficient. More pleasurable than being in a retail store, which has recently frustrated me. Good job on your customer service, they are very helpful!”

“This was a quick and easy way to browse options from my phone while I’m standing in the house that we are working on. Shopping was made easy. Love the fact that I can get a few samples to decide which color to buy. Going to make the decision easier when matching carpet to walls.”

“I was able to find my existing carpet relatively easily with limited info and get samples from your portfolio to confirm my preferred color and design. I’m in the process of remodeling and prefer to shop with a companion that gives sample designs prior to purchase just to show how confident you are in the product. Thank you!”